Coaching & PT

Coaching, on your terms

Thanks for dropping in! I’m Nina, a 46yr old mum of 4, Stepmum to 2 and I’ve been coaching and training for over 20 years. I’m a former track athlete turned marathon runner, now owning and managing my own gym alongside my husband Henry.
I specialise in holistic training mainly with those aged 40+, working with your lifestyle and health goals to get you motivated and keep moving, whatever your age. Whether your looking for virtual support or one to one in person sessions, you’re in the right place for all the support you need.
My clients really enjoy training with me and fun is at the heart of my clients success. I work with anyone keen to revitalise their training from athletes to newbies. My tailored workouts are completely suitable for those who are injured, coming back from injury, have multiple health issues and those who have mobility problems.
So get in touch, and let me help you achieve your fitness goals! 

“you’ve built a lovely community at the gym, it’s got a great vibe and energy and feels really nurturing.”